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Kinz is the ultimate business tool empowering businesses to increase sales, eliminate waste and improve bottom line results. Established in 2009, Kinz combines an easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application and a built-in perpetual management reports, along with Jordan’s most accurate, complete and constantly updated corporate database covering hundreds of thousands of entities and decision makers.


Today Kinz is widely used by thousands of decision makers as well as sales and marketing executives from banks, telecom operators, insurance firms, hotels and the country’s leading business-to-business and business-to-retail companies. Here are the three main attributes that sets Kinz apart from the rest of the market: 

  1. The database: The Kinz database comprises over two hundred thousand businesses and decision makers constantly updated to maintain integrity and accuracy at all times. Record attributes consist of detailed address, GIS coordinates, industry classification, number of employees and ownership, board and management details. 

  2. The rich Kinz database enables users to widen their target market while having access to top decision makers, resulting in both increasing sales along with better time management. 

  3. The CRM: Unlike other similar applications in the market, the Kinz CRM software is very user friendly thus appealing to the average user who resists change and fears technology. Being a cloud-based solution, Kinz eliminates complex set up and installation processes along with all related costs. 

  4. Management Reports: Once put into use, the Kinz application automatically converts all sales and marketing transactions into perpetual management reports covering all aspects of the business from activities to opportunities to market share analysis. By doing so, team members are relieved from generating laborious and often inaccurate manual reports while providing management with constantly updated and accurate analysis on the health of the business. 

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