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Al Kawn controls exclusive sales and media representation for Arabia Group’s media entities- Radio Fann, Radio Rotana, Radio Rotana Tarab, Radio Yaqeen and Amman TV- Jordan’s leading radio and TV stations in terms of listenership and viewership figures as well as share of advertising expenditures in the country. 

Al Kawn has succeeded in establishing itself as the strongest media sales house in the Kingdom due to its creative and professional edge for various forms of radio and TV productions. 

Al-Kawn for Media and Advertising was established in 2003. Today, it is the fastest-growing media representative company in the country, specializing in media sales and services for radio and TV.

Al Kawn for Radio & TV Broadcast continuously plans for further expansion in the broadcasting field, in order to ensure its position as one of Jordan’s strongest media houses. In 2015 two new stations were created to cater for market niches. Yaqeen, a religious radio station, focuses on social and spiritual subjects and emphasizes Islam’s peaceful nature while Rotana Tarab caters to an older listenership base and focuses on iconic Arabic music. 

The introduction of these two new stations has helped Al-Kawn retain its position as a leader in the media scene in Jordan. 

Established in 2003, Al-Kawn for Radio & TV Broadcast is the sole owner and manager of Jordan’s top radio stations, with Radio Rotana, Fann FM, Yaqeen and Rotana Tarab under its ownership.

Radio Fann FM

Radio Fann was officially launched in June 2003 and is run by a team of Jordanian media professionals who possess an intimate knowledge of the current tone and trends throughout the country, ensuring its programming satisfies the needs of listeners nationwide. 

The station is considered a pioneer in the Jordanian radio scene, being the first privately owned radio station in the Kingdom to offer comprehensive radio advertising opportunities to private and public sector organizations. With live internet streaming, on-site live broadcasts and interactive programming, Radio Fann offers a complete package for both listeners and advertisers. 

Since its launch, Radio Fann has been driven by a desire not only to be the number one radio station in Jordan, but also to play an important role in the development of the local music scene. 

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