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Arabia Trading and Consulting Co. Ltd. (ATC) was originally established as a service-oriented consulting firm and agency house operating within the business sectors including power, electricity, water, AV telecommunications, defence and energy. The company has progressed to originate, develop, invest in and own utility power plants with a focus on solar energy. ATC’s utility portfolio comprises over 70 MW of utility solar PV capacity developed in collaboration with the company’s key partners and financed by leading international financial institutions. 

ATC’s key solar utility projects include the Arabia One 11.52 MWp Solar PV Plant and the Arabia Two/ Safawi 66.69 

MWp Solar PV Plant. The cumulative project value of these two key projects exceeds USD 100 million. Both projects were developed as part of Jordan’s Renewable Energy IPP Program which launched in 2013. At the time of the development of the latter project, ATC was the only firm to have been successfully involved in each of Jordan’s IPP rounds. ATC continues to actively pursue solar utility development opportunities in Jordan and abroad. 

ATC’s consulting services continue to successfully support and mediate the operations of international firms in Jordan. ATC’s mandate clients include the world’s leading contracting, investment, development and services corporations. ATC’s consulting activities are present across multiple levels (corporate, governmental, and financial) and continue to be instrumental in the facilitation and implementation of Jordan’s most significant infrastructure projects. 

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